beLAB1407 are looking for breakthrough concepts that can form the basis of a new spinout. We welcome ad-hoc applications, as well as applications in response to our quarterly specific calls. Interested academics should first talk to either the beLAB1407 EIR, or a member of the local TTO, see contacts page, to understand if the proposed idea meets the beLab1407 criteria.

Applications may be for up to £ 1,25m in total, with funding split between the PI’s lab and the industrial partner Evotec, with the split depending on the project’s scientific requirements.

The application form is available via the link below. In addition to discussions with the EIR, the applicant is required to work closely with the TTO, to determine any background IP, existing third party claims and also determine if the project may be submitted for funding.
Following confirmation by the TTO, submitted award applications will be reviewed quarterly by the beLAB1407 Joint Steering Committee, drawn together from representatives of all the parties and will require an in-person pitch.

Project funding is conditional on the acceptance of the beLAB1407 terms and conditions

The next Joint Steering Committee meeting will be held in July 2021, with the next closing date for applications being June 15th.